Marysville is the minor professional bowling team based in Marysville, Washington. They are members of the N.C. West division of the Northern Conference of the Snohomish County Bowling League. They were the first N.C. West Champs, the first N.C. Champs whom went to the Golden Pin. However, they became the first team to lose in the Golden Pin championship game to Sultan, the S.C. East division of the Southern Conference. Their home bowling alley is Strawberry Lanes.

Their colors are red and green. At home they are red with green text. Away they are green with red text. However there are alternative colors and designs when facing a team with similar colors.

Marysville is the hometown of this Wikia’s designer Donald Newton.

Seasons 1-5 recordEdit


Team S1 2014 S2 2015 S3 2016 S4 2017 S5 2018
Everett Won Won Lost Won
Darrington Won Won Lost Won
Arlington Won Won Lost Won
Lake Stevens Won Won Lost Lost
Granite Falls Won Won Lost
Snohomish Won Lost Won
Stanwood Won Lost Won


S1 2014 S2 2015 S3 2016 S4 2017 S5 2018
Darrington (W) Darrington (W) X
Stanwood (W) Arlington (L) X

Golden PinEdit

S1 2014 S2 2015 S3 2016 S4 2017 S5 2018
Sultan (L) X X

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