Golden Pin
Golden Pin Award
The Golden Pin award that's given to the winning team.
First played November 15, 2014
First Champion Sultan
Previous November 14, 2015
Previous Champion Arlington
Next November 11, 2017
New Champion Lake Stevens

The Golden Pin is the annual championship game of the Snohomish County Bowling League (SCBL), culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. Golden Pin I was played on November 15, 2014 between N.C. Champion Marysville and S.C Champion Sultan. Sultan won the first Golden Pin that afternoon.


The date of the Golden Pin usually takes place on the second Saturday of November.


The location of where the Golden Pin game usually does not occur in the home city of either Conference  Champions. Mostly likely in Snohomish, unless Snohomish goes to the Golden Pin game.


On November 15, 2014, the first Golden Pin game took place at 12:00 in Snohomish. The participants were the Northern Conference (N.C.) Champions Marysville and Southern Conference (S.C.) Sultan. Marysville had a perfect regular season record of 7 wins, no losses. Sultan, on the other hand,  a 5-2. Marysville was expected to win as they had the perfect record and their scoring difference between their losing opponents were on an average very high. It was very surprsing to everyone when Sultan defeated Marysville in a extremely thin narrow margin. Only a point ahead. The final score was 134-133.

In the playoffs for Season 2 (2015), both teams who played in the first Golden Pin game; Sultan and Marysville, lost in the playoffs. The teams who went to the Golden Pin were Arlington and Mill Creek. Arlington beating Mill Creek with a 219 over 185 score. 34 points difference compared to the 1 point difference in the first game.

List of Golden Pin ChampionsEdit

Northern Conference (N.C.) Southern Conference (S.C.)
Game Date Winner Score Loser City
I November 15, 2014 Sultan 134-133 Marysville Snohomish
II November 14, 2015 Arlington 219-185 Mill Creek Snohomish
III  November 12, 2016 Lake Stevens 196-154 Bothell Snohomish
IV November 11, 2017

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